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Features of the POI-Warner
POI Overlay Integration
POI-Warner 3 is ready for use after a few simple installation and registration steps.
Stationary speed cam POI overlays for the whole of Europe (except Germany, Austria and Switzerland) included in the package.*
Improved performance and design
Improved performance and representation due to a new and improved navigation system interface

Acoustic and Visual Alerts for POI.

The POI Warner allows users to integrate additional overlays in the <?php include("fileadmin/produktnamen.php"); ?> map. Thus any additional Points-of-Interest (POI) can be placed on the map! For example, all overlays available at can be added.

 Display of Points-of-Interest from any overlays on the map (also independently of acoustic alerts).

 Possibility of acoustic and visual warnings for each Point-of-Interest for which there is an overlay.

 Visual representation of the remaining distance when approaching a monitored POI in the navigation view.

 Individual selection of particular POI types of which the user wishes to be informed.

 Adjustable maximum speed-limit for each POI type.

 Adjustable search-angle in driving direction.

 Improved display.

 Option for a two-phase warning. 

 User-defined pre-warn period for each phase.

 User-defined tone, sound or voice recording when breaking the speed limit at a POI.

 User-defined tone, sound or voice recording for each monitored POI type and each warning phase.

 High-quality voice recordings made at a recording studio.


Recording and Organising POI

 POI-Manager to organise POI from your overlays directly on device.

 The POI Recorder allows quick and easy recording of new POI en-route.

 POI can be generated and edited directly in map display mode.

 Details for individual POI can be downloaded from the Internet (currently only supported by


Automatic Online Synchronisation

 Automatic online POI synchronisation.

 Synchronisation supports multiple map directories.

 Over 930,000 POI from over 200 categories for most EU countries available for synchronisation.

 Synchronisation enables direct access to Europe's largest online POI databases and

 Fully automatic synchronisation (one-click after setup).


POI Navigation

 Integrated search-in-radius allowing the user to be directed to any previously synchronised POI.


* The laws pertaining to the use of speed camera data are not standardised throughout Europe. Please check if the use of such data is legal in the country in which you are driving. In Germany, for example, the use of such data whilst driving is an offence.