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POI Manager Options


The POI Manager settings can be accessed and altered in the POI Manager via Extras > POI-Manager Options.



The Copy Options ? Duplicates setting defines when a file that is to be imported or exported is to be considered a duplicate (of another POI in the destination list). If another POI of that type is found within the selected radius in the destination list, then this POI is identified as a duplicate and is quoted in a message-box requiring the user to confirm whether or not it should be copied.


If the check box Inform if duplicate is not activated, then POI that have been identified as duplicates are not copied and the user will not receive a message.


* The laws pertaining to the use of speed camera data are not standardised throughout Europe. Please check if the use of such data is legal in the country in which you are driving. In Germany, for example, the use of such data whilst driving is an offence.