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General POI Warner Settings


Select File > Options in the POI Warner main menu.



In the first drop-down menu "POI on map" you can select the maximum number of POI icons to be displayed at one time. The span is from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 200 POI that can be displayed simultaneously on the map at any given time. If too many POI are to be displayed, the map view may become jumbled when zoomed out, as too many POI may by displayed in the same place at once.



In the box "Unit" you can choose between kilometres per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph).




You can adjust the volume of the POI-Warner under "Volume".




Whether the POI Warner display bar (which represents the distance to a POI on approach) is to be shown in navigation system can be selected under "Display". There are three possible settings:

- ALWAYS in Navigation Mode:
The display bar will always be visible in navigation view, whether a monitored POI is in the vicinity or not.

- AUTOMATIC Fade In/Out:
The display bar will appear automatically when approaching a monitored POI. When the user has passed the POI, the POI display bar will disappear again automatically.

- NEVER display:
The display bar will not appear in navigation view when approaching a monitored POI.

Activate driving-direction towards POI allows the user to choose whether only the speed cams relevant to the user's driving direction should be warned of, and whether the direction-relevance of the POI is to be displayed on the map. If "to display on map and warn" is activated, an arrow appears next to the POI revealing the direction to which the speed cam, for example, applies and only announces the POI if the user is driving in the direction concerned. It is important that the POI data supports this function. Data from third parties usually does not, and this can lead to incorrect direction information. Only the speed cam POI from currently support this feature reliably.


* The laws pertaining to the use of speed camera data are not standardised throughout Europe. Please check if the use of such data is legal in the country in which you are driving. In Germany, for example, the use of such data whilst driving is an offence.