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Searching for POI in the Vicinity

Please note: The Search in Radius function can only be used in 2D map view.

The POI Warner allows users to find any previously synchronised POI with the Search in Radius function and to pass this on to <?php include("fileadmin/produktnamen.php"); ?> as the navigation destination.



Click on the position in the map from which you wish to start the search until the context menu appears. The select Search in Radius.

Select a POI to which you would like to be given directions. You can select any recorded POI, be it a supermarket or a swimming pool.

First select the required POI category from Overlay. Then below that, set the search radius that is to be used to find POI of the selected category. You can then select any desired POI that is listed on the left. Having completed the settings, you can switch directly to navigation system by clicking on As next destin.

The navigation system will automatically recognise the selected POI as the next destination to which a route should be calculated.


* The laws pertaining to the use of speed camera data are not standardised throughout Europe. Please check if the use of such data is legal in the country in which you are driving. In Germany, for example, the use of such data whilst driving is an offence.