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The POI-Warner for Pioneer AVIC-S2 will be supported through the synchronisation solution. These devices contain already a manufactured-sided supplied speedcam warning function that you can activate with the help of our here provided access and actualise with the newest speedcam data.


Additionnally to this, you can activate the mobile locations of the speedcams for these devices by activating the provided access.


You gain access on the external page to which you will be redirected by clicking on "Continue". Please note that in this connection, it is about a data access different from the POI-Warner distributed here on, which is a software.



The POI-Warner for Pioneer AVIC-S1 is the new product development and enhances your system with several interesting and useful features. The POI-Warner offers you for example the possibility to integrate any external POIs on the map and alternatively to be notified acoustically.


Convince yourself to use this excellent auxiliary application, an immediate start-up is possible after a registration in this product area.









This system is supported by POIbase. POIbase is the ideal solution for numerous navigation systems to simply integrate speedcam POIs as well as many other usefull POIs.


* The laws pertaining to the use of speed camera data are not standardised throughout Europe. Please check if the use of such data is legal in the country in which you are driving. In Germany, for example, the use of such data whilst driving is an offence.